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Let me first say that the words trust and a car salesperson are rarely used in the same sentence. That being said, Frank is one who you can trust in helping you make that right decision. His knowledge and experience in the car industry cannot be measured.
It was 27 years ago when i was introduced to Frank and since then many of my friends and family have been referred to and have purchased their vehicles through him. All, have been very happy with his suggestions, service and follow-up. Frank is always just a phone call away.
Thanks Frank ! My new Fiesta ST has made me feel like a teenager again !
Date of Posting: 14 May 2014
Posted By: Dave
Rail Vehicle Mechanic, Ajax, Ont.
I have purchased and/or leased many vehicles over my 60+ years and always found it to be an intimidating and opaque process. What a pleasant surprise when I started dealing with Frank. I found him to be truly sincere and most forthright - a refreshing approach to car buying. Frank is honest, sincere and NEVER pushy which, along with his excellent product knowledge made my car purchase experience the best I ever had. I heartily recommend Frank for whatever vehicle you are looking to purchase or lease.
Date of Posting: 09 May 2014
Posted By: Ken
Financial Advisor, Canada
Hi Frank. Thanks again for getting me into my great new Escape! I'm loving it! I needed a vehicle quickly and within 24 hours of visiting you I drove away in exactly what I was looking for at a great price. Thanks again, I'll definitely be back!

Date of Posting: 29 April 2014
Posted By: Graham
Frank was 'highly recommended' to me it was a blessed day when I met Frank. I would like to thank Frank and Mary for their hard work to help me getting the right car for me. They work out the payment that was right for me, Frank take time out to show me how the car work and I can call him anytime he will be there for me. Thanks to Frank and Mary I am enjoying my car.
Date of Posting: 25 April 2014
Posted By: Audrey
I first meet Frank and bought my first vehicle from him in 2009. I walked into the showroom and was greeted kindly and made to feel at ease. I was looking for an SUV and Frank suggested the Ford Escape. He understood my needs and did not try to sell me something I did not want. We closed the deal within hours. My family has been happy ever since.
Just recently I was in the market for a second car. Although it was not a Ford I was looking at, Frank was able to provide me with the help I needed through his contacts to make the purchase through another dealer. I was quite impressed! So far so good with the new car.
Frank is knowledgeable and understanding. He takes the time to explain and does not rush things. A very pleasant person to deal with. A person with a great demeanor. If only all salespeople were like this! I have recommended Frank to my family who have also purchased vehicles and I do not hesitate to recommend to others. Thanks Frank!
Date of Posting: 24 April 2014
Posted By: Andy
Frank and his colleagues delivered on their promise in helping us in procuring a vehicle that we would be happy with. My wife and I are grateful for the prompt service and kindness provided by Frank and his team. We would certainly recommend VSC to anyone requiring this service.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2014
Posted By: Mike
I was so pleased when I met Frank in Ford Showroom between Dufferin and Lawrence in Toronto today April 22, 2014. Frank explained very well to me about the car i am interested in. I tested drive the car and before I got into the car, he also patiently explained to me about what are those switches on the dashboard and so on. Actually, I am looking the Ford Focus for my daughter who will be transferred back to her Toronto office from United States. Hopefully, My daughter will take the car. Thanks Frank with all your time. Good Luck to you.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2014
Posted By: Benny
Working in the financial Office, Barrie
Overwhelmed by cars, dealerships and sales people, Frank was the one I didn't know I was looking for. I wandered in lost and in less than a week I was driving away in a brand new Ford Fiesta! Frank asked questions, heard my answers and helped me find the car that fit me perfectly. He explained all the options, features and costs and sent me home to figure things out, no pressure. I was so very fond of my old junker car, and thanks to Frank, I decided to pay it forward and donate the junk (who knew you could do that!?). a million thank you's for the wonderful service and the great car!
Date of Posting: 20 March 2014
Posted By: Jessica
I had lost all hope in buying a new vehicle until I was referred to Frank and his employees at Vehicle Solution Centre, immediately as I talked with Frank he made me feel he was the answer I had been waiting for.

Frank and all the people at Vehicle Solution Centre made me feel at ease, and with in less than a week I had a brand new vehicle that not only fit into my budget but I found the car that fits me and I love it.
I am so thankful and can't say enough of how professional kind and understanding Frank and his team are.
I would highly recommend speaking with him if you are in the market for a vehicle.
Date of Posting: 03 February 2014
Posted By: Lina
I recently purchased a used 2011 Ford Escape from Frank - he was amazing. He went out of his way to assist us, staying late at the dealership and organizing everything. Most of all, he was candid with us about the car, the rates and the warranty. It was our first car purchase and we dreaded dealing with car sales people. Fortunately, with his unaggressive manner, Frank made the whole process enjoyable. I will definitely go back to him for our second car purchase. I would recommend him to anyone!
Date of Posting: 20 January 2014
Posted By: Nadine
lawyer, Toronto

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